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What's The Most Front-Engined Car Ever Built?

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If you're looking for the most knife-edged, nimble-handling car around, you find yourself one with the engine behind the driver. There are reasons, though, why car designers choose to sling their engines up front. Way up front.


There are a couple plusses for putting your engine not just ahead of the driver, but ahead of the front axle. You get good packaging, with plenty of room for the human occupants without an engine crammed up next to where their feet should go. You also get a very secure ride. Take a rear-engined car up to 180+ on a damp Autobahn and then repeat the process in a front-engined vehicle. You'll understand the difference in stability.

We car enthusiasts tend to malign very front-engined designs because they don't make great sports cars and they tend to look awkward with big overhangs.


I think there's always some room to appreciate them.

The question is — what car is the most front-engined? What car has the most engine sitting fore the front axle?

Photo Credit: Audi

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