What's The Most Embarrassing Thing You Can Do Behind The Wheel?

Yesterday, I recounted to you a tale of my own idiocy — and because all of you are so great, many were right there with vivid tales of drag-strip related idiocy of their own. And some were fantastic. So, I ask, what is the most embarrassing thing you can do while driving?

I think my favorite tale of automotive embarrassment has got to be from reader JustRegisterAlready:

My first time, I went past the beams, had to reverse back onto the line, then the lights went off while I was still in reverse. I panicked, nailed the throttle in reverse, then locked up the brakes, shifted into first, nailed the throttle again and smoked tire(yeah, one, peg legger rear) till about half track and then missed all the turn arounds and had to turn around at the very end of the track. That, and the time boards were before the finish line, and I kept letting off as soon as I would pass them, coasting across the actual line some 200 or so feet later. The last run, I got stomped by a blue, four door Neon(I was in a 454 1970 Monte Carlo). I made 3 total runs before the embarrassment was just too much, and left.


My heart goes out to this guy. Forgetting you're in reverse is always mortifying, but in a drag race there's a whole stadium full of people watching your ass make the mistake. I bet you just want to crawl up your exhaust manifold.

So, What do you guys thing is the most embarrassing thing you can do at the wheel? Poop stories welcome, of course.

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