What's The Most Durable Car You've Owned?

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Durability is a major factor in car ownership if you suffer from auto-fixation disorder and are therefore unable to part with your autos. What's the most durable car you've owned?


We've owned two vehicles we consider to be "super durable" autos. The first, of course, is the 245 wagon. It hasn't been in the garage long enough to know for sure, so we'll actually lean towards our W123 chassis Mercedes 300D. Sure, it was slow as hell with it's 3.0-liter five-cylinder diesel, but nothing could kill it. The only major problem we had with it in our history of ownership, other than a few faulty electronics, involved a minor overheating issue on a hot Texas day. After waiting for it to cool down we filled'er back up and drive off as if nothing ever happened. The mileage was somewhere in the 200K range when we parted with it to someone who needed parts for their primo W123 so, in a way, it's still rolling.

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It really is a testament of how reliable/durable cars have become..

My list:

1993 Subary Legact GT Wagon(2.2L) well over 250K and finally sold it after it was rear ended.

2001 Mitsubishi Mirage (1.8L)currently 160K, no major problems ever, stupid easy to work on.

1992 Chevrolet S10 200K (4.3L) original engine/tranny. I have a feeling the engine will outlive the integrity of the body (rust demons galore)