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Cars are filled with expectation. One look at a beautiful exterior, or one glance at quoted MPG figures and you're hooked. But the experience doesn't always match the promise.

More than any 'the gas mileage didn't add up to the advertisements' drama, I was completely let down by the one time I've ever driven a new car off of a dealership lot. Not that I was going to buy it — I was still in high school and my folks were thinking of getting something new and fuel efficient.


The candidates were a second-gen Fit and a second-gen Prius, which they ended up buying at some kind of discount. Cheap gas will do that for you.

In any case, my parents decided that hey, Raphael likes cars, let's let him try the Honda out on our test drive. So I sat myself behind the wheel and discovered that the little Honda that I had read so much about on the Internet and dreamed of fine handling and bright steering felt like...

a pretty ordinary car.

I mean, I didn't get to thrash it on a backroad. I only wheeled it around a bit of suburbia. But I had been made to expect some kind of fizz and thrill in every moment of Fit driving and that just didn't exist. This probably has more to do with Internet hype than with the car itself, but I was totally let down.


What car disappointed you?

Photo Credit: Honda

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