Carmakers redesign their models for loads of reasons. Some to freshen a stale look, others to reposition a car for a larger audience, still others to meet new crash standards. Naturally, this can go horribly wrong. What's the most disappointing car-model redesign?

Fans of the "hawk eye" second-generation Subaru Impreza awoke that April morning in 2007 to find the car they loved had undergone a radical change. The new Impreza's slab sides (largely due to 2008 side-impact regulations) and complex design that would shame an orthogonal matrix were not what they'd been expecting (although some had seen early renderings of an aggressive STI model.) Subaru has since modified the design, and it's since grown on true Scoobie lovers. But some have still not gotten over the initial shock. (Thanks to Patrick for the QOTD!)


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