Some car upgrades, like a subtle lip spoiler or slight suspension drop, are timeless. Others, like painting a wizard mural on your van, are obviously of the moment. What's the most dated car mod?

Oh Altezza lights, how you remind me of my last year of high school and first year of college. Introduced on the Japanese Toyota Altezza (the home-market version of our Lexus IS sedan), the Altezza light isn't a completely bad idea. Pairing red lenses with a clear light housing works on a few cars. Unfortunately, the concept spread like herpes through the import aftermarket scene, and within months, every Honda Accord owned by any "enthusiast" under the age of 25 had been Altezza'd out. Even trucks got into the act — there's still at least one old F-150 running around my hometown with the clear taillights. The trend has mostly died down, and any time I see a car with those lights, I just assume it was modified between 2000 and 2003.

Trendiness is the new black. What automotive trend is the most dated?

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Photo Credit: WestleDaz