What's The Most Dangerous Thing To Ignore On Your Car?

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I like to think of cars not as machines, but rather a collection of various individual machines that all work together. But those components break down and we have to fix them, and some are more serious than others.

It's not the end of the world if you go a little longer than you should on oil changes from time to time. But there are some parts on your car you should never ignore, lest they put your safety at risk.

That's our question today — What's the most dangerous maintenance item to ignore on your car?


If you ask me, brakes and tires are nothing to screw with. That's what made those worn brake rotors Jason wrote about yesterday so scary. How can you expect that to stop properly when you need it to?

Your turn, guys. What maintenance should you never put off?

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I've towed at least 5 PT Cruisers to the car graveyard because the people popped the timing belt, and bent valves. Sadly, some had no idea it was a required service item. Others knew about it but put off replacing it. Bent valves and damaged pistons can be a game ender on an older car. If the book says do it at 90k, DO IT!