What's the most awesome roadside attraction?

With the road-trip season having reached its zenith, it's a fine time to take stock of the world's great, weird and otherwise Instagram-worthy roadside attractions. What's the most awesome roadside attraction?

"Pedro's Weather Forecast: Chili today, hot tamale!" "Keep America Green! Bring Money!" "Pedro's fireworks! Does yours?" Anyone who's ever made the I-95 drive from the Northeast to Florida knows those billboard slogans hawked "South of the Border," that awesome, ethnically insensitive roadside extravaganza of South Carolina (that's the "south" they're talking about) that hosted just about every southward vacationer since the Eisenhower administration. The vision of that giant sombrero would instantly snap us back-seat rats out of our endless-drive comas, although we'd been counting down the billboards since Virginia. Food, rides, souvenirs (like that 1970s must-have: the SOB bumper-sticker) and of course, legal FIREWORKS! (Thanks to Patrick for the QOTD!)


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