I know little about architecture, so when I hang out with architects I don't spout ridiculous, uninformed opinions. Sadly, people who aren't car enthusiasts are eager to share what they don't know. What's the most annoying thing non-car people say?

The single most annoying thing non-car people say to me is "How do you know all this stuff?" And not in a "Wow, you're knowledgeable about this subject" sort of way, but with an inflection that implies you knowing something about cars means you can't possibly understand anything else. Even worse, it's not when you're trying to explain how mechanical fuel injection works it's when you mention the simplest concept. Like when I saw a bunch of people trying to get a big heavy SUV out of the snow by putting cardboard boxes underneath the front tires and I just told them all to climb in the back. Rather than thanking me, the owner gave me the old "How do you know all this stuff." I just laughed it off, but I wanted to reply "Because I understand how physics works, dumbass. You have a RWD truck." End rant.

You've heard it, you've lived, now share it.

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