What's The Most Amazing Airplane Expedition Ever Undertaken?

It's easy to forget just how extreme flying used to be.

A transoceanic flight today is, if anything, annoying. You complain about it being too long to stay awake through. You complain about it being too short to get a good night's sleep through. And you complain about the inevitable jet lag.


You don't think about what it must have been like to fly across the whole thing in a tiny, creaking box knowing that nobody had ever done the trip before. It's why Lindbergh was an isolationist and got a medal from Adolph, but his flight was unprecedented, almost unbelievable.

But surely you can think of even more extreme flights from the wilder days of aviation, from the spy plane days of the Cold War, or from whenever else. What do you think remains the most amazing airplane expedition ever undertaken?

Photo Credit: AP

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