What's The Most '90s Car Ever Made?

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You could make the case for the automotive scene in the 1990s being the last great analogue moment in mainstream car design. You could also make the case that oh man, teal is a totally rad color for a daily driver.


I'm not sure it's entirely clear what exactly defines the 1990s automotive scene, be it the splashy graphics packages or the last vestiges of conventional lightweight design before the dark ages of the 2000s and the possible rebirth in carbon fiber that will hopefully define the 2020s.

Whatever it is, I get a distinct 1990s feeling in the Mark III Golf GTI that's hard to capture. Maybe it's just this sunset-tastic press photo that's making me nostalgic.

But I'm not sure it's the most 1990s car ever made. And by ever I do mean ever. It's possible the most '90s car happened to be built in a different decade (I'm looking at you T-Bird). What do you think?

Photo Credit: VW


To be the ultimate 90's vehicle, it would have to:

1. be Teal

2. Have cheesy neon graphics

3. Be a Geo (because you couldn't buy a Geo any other time)