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Listen up, I've been hearing some people talking smack, laying down some untruths, spitting some lies about their car doesn't have enough power. Let me tell you about not enough power, kid.

I've heard some whining, some whinging, some mewing, some petty grievances aired about cars like the Mitsubishi Mirage not keeping up with traffic. Bah! Foo! Pshaw!


I've driven a car in modern traffic with just two cylinders, maybe twenty or thirty horsepower. Ok, so it was my car when half of the engine wasn't working, but still.

The question is what car has come on sale with the most genuinely dangerous, pitifully low power figure ever? Something that makes a new Mitsubishi Mirage or whatnot look like a Koenigsegg?

Post your best low-power production car below.

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