What's The Least Car With The Most Horsepower?

Big monster powerful engines usually end up in big monster heavy cars, but there are gleefully loony exceptions to that rule. Sometimes someone sees fit to cram a beastly motor into just enough car to hold the works together. What's the best combination of a tiny car and a big engine?

It's all about power-to-weight: the most force combined with the least mass. And if you want maximum buzz in minimum car, there's probably no beating the hyperactive ladder that is the Ariel Atom. In any of its guises it's an absurd creation, but in 500 form with the Suzuki-based V8 it goes to another level altogether. Most dedicated racing cars can't match the F=MA calculations of this thing. Putting a license plate on it makes it all the more fun.


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Photo Credit: Ariel Motor Company

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