What's The Largest Vehicle You've Driven?

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The Ford shareholder who complained yesterday about the company's "weenie cars" may be what's wrong with society, but they make a good point. Big vehicles are fun and totally American. What's the largest vehicle you've driven?

I was intending to answer something like a Dodge 2500 HD when I remembered the time I piloted a Ford F-350-based U-Haul truck from Houston to Chicago. It was freaking awesome. What it gave up in cabsize to some HD trucks it more than made up for in the gigantic box full of my belongings attached to the back. I'm guessing it was large enough for two Ford Fiestas. It makes you understand the allure of being a truck driver. You feel like a commanding presence on the road. Other cars only exist on the highway because you allow them to exist there. It makes me pine for something even larger. An RV. A tour bus. A freaking Caterpillar earth-mover.


I know you all can top me. What's the largest vehicle you've driven? Remember, pics or it didnt' happen.

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