What's The Largest Ship Ever?

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Ever since we realized that it takes less energy to float stuff over water rather than drag it around on the ground, we've been building ships. And those ships are now remarkably huge. But which is the hugest?


The current record appears to be held by none other than the now-scrapped supertanker Seawise Giant/Knock Nevis, which was 1,504 feet long and fully loaded it weighed 564,650 tonnes (that's deadweight tonnage).

But we got this off of Wikipedia and we believe that somehow, a larger ship has been constructed in some measure, and we also believe that an even larger ship has been proposed, if not built.


So what's the largest ship ever conceived? Give your measurements and rationale in Kinja below.

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Jonathan Harper

The largest private yacht in the world is currently moored in NYC. "Eclipse" is owned by Roman Abramovich.