Gas prices are either headed higher, or ready to drop a bit, depending on which economist you ask. But either way, it's still over $3.50 a gallon. And everyone wants to make a buck on your continued misery. What's the lamest mileage-boosting product on the market?

First of all, shut up, Europe; we've got none of your fancy commuter trains from, say, Waterloo to Cedar Rapids (or most other points to other points in the big part of the US where, yes, people do live).

Second of all, it's those vortex-generator gizmos that mount upstream of a car's mass airflow sensor and uses spinning blades to force a better mix between fuel and air, and thus a supposedly more efficient burn. Why is it lame? Partly because they look like they mean serious business and partly because, despite claims of whirlwind increases in miles per gallon (up to 30% more!), no one has ever proven they do anything except make non-wrenches feel like they're actually working on their cars. Lame.

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