What's The Ideal Honeymoon Car?

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The greatest joy of a honeymoon probably shouldn't be the car you drive, but why not at least make it the secondary? What's the ideal honeymoon car?

It's been estimated, by us, one-in-every-three Mustang convertibles is rented for a honeymoon. In fact, there may be no other car you're allowed to rent in Hawaii when you're on your honeymoon. Everyone does it, which is one reason we're not keen on the idea. A convertible isn't actually ideal, as you're always going to nice dinners and who wants to deal with a bride complaining about her hair? You want something sporty and luxurious, but you don't want to draw so much attention to yourself you get your stuff boosted. Unless you've just married Sabine Schmidt, it's probably safe to assume something too sporty (or a Transit Connect) may distract both of you from the real fun of a honeymoon.

This is why we like the Maserati Gran Turismo S. The 4.7-liter V8 pumps out a righteous 440 HP but in a package not as auspicious as a Ferrari and able to carry a reasonable amount of luggage. Equipped with a NAV system and comfy/cozy leather everything, it's also a great place to spend a few hours. The back seat is large enough to store a camera or a few bottles of wine but not so large as to encourage anyone to come along for the trip. You'll impress valets with your understated style but not have to worry about them doing a full Ferris Bueller with it. It's the ideal balance of style, sportiness, sexiness and stealth.


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