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Most Tokyo Motor Show concepts are held together with tape and spit, unable to drive more than a few miles. Our real cars may not have LED lights, but they're dependable. What's the highest mileage car you've ever owned?


We were able to push a Ford Escort into the 140K-range before it was traded away for house paint, besting the old 300D Mercedes by a few thousand if we remember correctly. Ben has also had luck with tiny Ford hatchbacks, achieving somewhere in the mid 150s on a ZX3 before passing it on to his sister. None of this is incredibly high, mostly because we can't sit on one car for that long. The guy from the car service in North Carolina last week claimed over 400K on his Volvo 240 Wagon, which we find completely believable.

What about all of you? Someone out their must have cracked 300K. Bonus points for pictures of the Odometer.

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