What's The Grossest Thing You've Seen Someone Do In A Car?

A lot of people seem to think that cars are a windowless box where they can do whatever they want without getting caught. Thing is, there are windows, and on the road, you see some truly wild stuff. What's the grossest you've seen?

It can range from just picking a nose to vomiting all over the place. Here's a memory of mine: I was young and riding back from the beach with a friend in the family's minivan. Suddenly, his sister declares from the front seat that she's "feeling nauseous."


Instead of pulling off the highway or going for a bag (there were bags), she rolled down the window, stuck her head out, and vomited at 65 MPH in traffic. With cars behind us. Yeah. This happened in a Mercury Villager, hence the Villager at the top. I took no photos.

To say that the people behind were less than thrilled was an understatement.

What about you? What's the grossest thing you've seen?

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