What's The Greatest Upset In Motor Racing History?

Sometimes drivers break down on the last lap and sometimes a driver comes from behind to score the most unbelievable win you've ever seen. What was the greatest surprise victory in all of motorsports' history?


The master of the against-all-odds victory was the great Tazio Nuvolari, often called the greatest racing driver who ever lived, at least by incredibly enthusiastic Italians. His greatest upset story might be his victory over his arch-rival Achilles Varzi in the 1000-mile road race across Italy, the 1930 Mille Miglia. The excellent motor racing history resource 8W explains:

Legend claims that in the Mille Miglia Nuvolari switched off his lights and thus managed to close up on Varzi in the early morning and pass him just before the finish, a good story until one realizes that the cars started off at intervals and that Nuvolari had a ten minute edge on Varzi even without passing.

So, what was the (actual) greatest racing upset of all time?

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Photo Credit: Museo Tazio Nuvolari

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