What's the greatest car nickname of all time?

Peoples' nicknames are owed to a good, obvious rhyme, a characteristic trait, a bit of irreverent wordplay and, bam, a lifetime saddled with a second name. Cars are the same way (e.g., VW Cabrio "bitch basket.") What's the greatest car nickname of all time?

We're going with the age-old Pontiac GTO nickname "Goat." How did the GTO become associated with one of the earliest animals domesticated by humans? No one really knows. At some point after the car's release in 1964, fans turned the car's titular acronym (Gran Turismo Omologata) — obscure to many Americans raised on drag-strip iron — into a pronounceable word. Pontiac even considered using the nickname in its advertising, but executives considered it inappropriate for marketing use. But it stands to this day.


(Submitted by Slushboxheartbreak via #oppositelock)

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