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What's the greatest automotive typeface of all time?

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If you have a font geek in your life, you already know Futura was designed in 1927 by Paul Renner, and that the Greek restaurant down the street overuses Lithos. Car logotypes provide a deep well of typeface history too. What's the greatest automotive typeface of all time?


It's not the most readable, but I can't think of another typeface that was a better match for the car on which it was stamped. That is, the Lancia Stratos font. No other typeface captures both the time and place, and car, like the Stratos font did on the original Bertone-designed Stratos Zero of 1970. (You can even get a replica Stratos font for your letterhead.)


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This QOTD is old. It was asked not much time ago, and I remember that I posted the funny and rare logo of Fiat Vetture Speciali, which of course went completely unnoticed.

So today I'm offering you a Car Logos Quiz that is not lame as you may think. Going on it becomes quite difficult and I myself have made a couple of mistakes.