The first car you fell in love with was quite possibly in a cartoon. Before advanced CGI, it was the easiest way to recreate our automotive fantasies. What's the greatest animated car?

If you're going to deliver tofu up and down Mt. Akina every day, you sure as hell better have a car capable of drifting in tight spaces. Enter the Toyota Sprinter Trueno GT-APEX, known worldwide as the AE86. The show is full of incredible Japanese cars, but nothing tops the little RWD liftback in our minds. It's a car that captured a culture and, also, makes it impossible to find one without a black hood.


In the few minutes since asking Spinelli what he thought was a good answer we've been shown like three great HB cartoons from back in the day and one slightly racist one, so this shouldn't be hard. Videos are better than pictures.

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