What's the geekiest forgotten car feature?

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Automotive technologies aren't all long-term prospects. Some stick around (you know, tires, brakes etc.) others fall by the wayside, for all kinds of reasons. Get out your geek-mining hats, and get to it. What's the geekiest forgotten car feature?


We're going with the "Weissach Axle," Porsche's answer to the "passive rear steering" debate of the late '80s. Endeavoring to reduce oversteer on the 928 under deceleration, Porsche engineers devised a system allowing the outside rear wheel to "toe in" (or steer inward slightly) as the car decelerated. This allowed for better traction on the loaded rear wheel and less chance of of an tail-out slide. These days, multi-link suspensions have toe-control arms that make the Weissach Axle obsolete. What others are there?

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Bryce Womeldurf

Cup holders can be useful in a daily driver, but not when they're only big enough to fit a coke can, and they pull out from just below the stereo. I'd like to know who at Nissan thought this was a good idea. I had a late 90's Sentra and I only made the mistake of squeezing a Big Gulp into the cup holders once. Sploosh! All over the stereo, all over the floor, all over my leg.