What's The Fastest Oval Outside The US?

From local dirt tracks to Daytona and Indy, ovals define American racing. But America doesn't have a monopoly on ovals. We might not even have the fastest.

If you go down to South America, you'll find that oval racing is also pretty damn popular, particularly in Argentina. There are a number of touring car series that run on many ovals, and the greatest of them all is probably the Autódromo Ciudad de Rafaela, a 2.9 mile (4.6 km) track of two straights linked by two circular turns. They have a 15 degree banking and an 59 foot (18 m) radius. Built in 1952 and paved in '66, it's so fast that the races now run with chicanes to keep speed down. The whole thing is thoroughly bonkers.


What's the fastest oval you know of, outside of the US?

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