What's The Fastest Bike You Would Ride?

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Motorcycles require their riders to accept various levels of risk to bask in the immense glory and pleasure they provide. We all choose varying levels of risk based on where and when we ride, what we wear when we ride, and, most importantly, what we choose to ride.

As the resident bike nut in Jalopnik-land, I often feel like the new kid in school with some fashion style from a faraway land. No one around here understands why two wheels are so much better than four, or why I would choose to risk my life and limbs all the time just for fun.


I was chatting with head-dick-in-charge Patrick the other day about some of the launches coming up, and he started getting nervous that “the new bike guy” might not make it long. PG doesn’t get bikes like the new supercharged 300 horsepower Kawasaki H2R, which he thinks is “a fast way to commit suicide.” Cagers, man.


So, as I board a plane this morning to fly to Malaysia to ride Kawasaki’s new 2016 ZX-10R superbike at Sepang, one of the fastest tracks in the world, I’m curious. What’s the fast thing you would ride? Is an old CB500 enough for you, or would you tempt fate on the blown H2R?

Would you all ride anything you could get your hands on, or are there a few amongst us who actually have some smarts upstairs?