Yesterday, we had a pretty spectacular video of the new VW Andretti Rallycross Beetle in tire-sacrificing action. In that article, Máté wisely called it the "fastest modern Beetle." I say "wise" because of the word "modern" in there. Because I don't think it's the fastest Beetle ever.

I'm pretty sure the mantle of Fastest Beetle Ever (at least for non-fictional ones, because Herbie doesn't count here) has to go to the absolutely, clinically bonkers rocket-powered Turbonique-engined Black Widow.


We've covered the Black Widow and its amazing driver, Mr.Pitiful, here before, but I thought that before VW and Tanner Faust and all those guys get too cocky about this beast they're whipping around, it would be worth seeing, head-to-head, how this new WRC Beetle stacks up against its mad grandpa.


And, sure, the Black Widow can't really corner well around anything curvier than a dragstrip, it needs a huge parachute to stop, and driving it is about on the level of Wile E. Coyote's ACME-based experiments, respect has got to be paid for this absurd little black Beetle that, I'm pretty sure, could bend over and spank the WRC Beetle in a straight line.

Here's a chart that breaks it all down. Enjoy.