What's The Easiest Car Repair That Everyone Puts Off?

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Cars may be complex machines but some repairs are easier than some would think. What’s the easiest repair that everyone puts off?


I’d say one of the easiest repair items is a coil plug. Spark plugs and coils are easy and cheap for many cars, but are often overlooked and not replaced, even after a failure.

It’s something you’ll see a lot on all kinds of car forums. Someone says that their car was driving great, then for some reason it started getting poor fuel economy and eventually, began running rough. The generic scanner provided by an auto parts store says that the car is misfiring.

While the owner fears the worst, it often turns out that one or more coil packs have failed or maybe even the spark plugs are ancient. Now the car seems like it’s barely running. Some drivers will put off this repair, just driving around on whatever cylinders will fire until they’re forced to fix it to pass inspection or it gets even worse.

On many cars, coil replacement is about as easy as taking off the plastic engine cover (if present) then reaching straight for the packs. Coils were one of the easiest jobs on my old Volkswagen Passat W8, and those engines are notorious for repair difficulty. The spark plugs are also just a socket away from being removed in this situation too.

It’s always nice to check back on those threads and see that a new set of coils and plugs not only repaired the car, but seemingly restored some lost fuel economy, too.

What’s the easiest repair that everyone puts off? Is there a repair job that every car owner should know? Drop it down in the comments below!

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Cabin and Engine air filters. I swear I’ve had the filters sitting in my trunk for weeks waiting to be installed, but I just kept putting it off. The fact that it’s so easy and quick actually made it easier to put off - “Oh I’ll just change those real quick tomorrow before work”