What's The Dumbest Thing You've Seen Towed?

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Cruising down a snow-covered back road a few days ago, I saw something awful. I saw someone hauling one of those mini campers. Normally, those campers are fine. They’re cool with me. But this particular one looked like it had just been salvaged from the junkyard. The two tires I could see were flat. Through the rust holes, you could see stacks of rusty junk inside. And, of course, this person needed to pull out directly in front of me, despite it only being the two of us on this stretch of road for miles and miles.


It reminds me of being in Texas, where every so often you’ll see a family hauling a whole house-worth of furniture on the tiniest trailer known to man. You just pray these people are world champions at Jenga, because if the cabinet precariously perched on the top of Furniture Mountain is not adequately secured, everyone on the highway is about to have a real bad day.

But I think the dumbest towing experience I’ve been a part of was hauling a giant sphinx. That’s it. Just a big ol’ sphinx that we had decided to strap in such a way that it looked back at anyone following us. My family had bought it for their escape-the-room game, but we had to haul it over 100 miles to bring it home, and the looks we got were exceptional.

People have a faith in themselves that exceeds their towing capacities sometimes. Sometimes, people are just dumb. What’s the dumbest thing you’ve seen someone try to tow?

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