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Brand new cars are like newborns, birthed from the factory and still glowing in production warmth. How badly have you thrashed one?

Vertec shared his own story of beating on a new car (but nowhere near as hard as his coworker did), on our post on Fiat jumping one of their own 131s.

At my first job as a lot kid we used to love fueling up cars off site as local construction had formed a sweet ramp. You could catch a couple inches of air off of it when taken right and it was quite a thrill to a couple of young kids. Hell, I even remember my mom gunning it before the ramp in her Toyota truck.

Anyway, one day we had taken two brand new cars just sold out for fueling. My friend was following behind me in a new '98 Monte Carlo. He said he wanted a bit of room to get up to speed so I stayed ahead. I watched in my rearview as he crested the bump with the front maybe a few inches off the pavement and slammed down to an abrupt stop with both front tires pointing outward. Both tie rods had given out.

He wasn't fired, and we owed the customer quite an apology. It seems the front end may not have been assembled correctly at the factory. The stunned look on his face for the rest of the day was priceless.


Have you thrashed a brand new car? Was it yours? Remember, you can post anonymously with a burner account if you have tales of crashing Ferraris or revving BMWs.

Photo Credit: Chevrolet via Hugo90