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What's the cruelest joke ever played on a car forum?

Illustration for article titled Whats the cruelest joke ever played on a car forum?

Trolling car forums creatively is a very specific talent. A troll must know a good deal about cars to create a scenario that forum members will respond angrily to. What's the cruelest joke ever played on a car forum?


It's the old "port and polish" trick. A new forum member will write a post asking for help solving the problem. The problem? He needs to get all the sand out of his engine that he sucked into the intake in an attempt to "port and polish" the internals. To wit, as originally posted to

Hey guys, I've got a 98 1.8T. I've had a k04 and chip for a while and wanted to get more performance. I was recommended to port and polish the intake and exhaust. We found out they used abrasive material to do it like gritty sand. So I got with my friend that tunes Hondas and we decided to try it ourselves. We got a bag of sandblasting sand and hooked up into the intake and started the car. We had to hold the gas so it would run. He wanted to let the engine suck in the sand through the intake so it would port it out and then push it out the ehxaust so it would port the exhaust manifold.


Also, include a link to said forum or NO SOUP FOR YOU!

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