What's The Craziest Car You've Driven In Winter?

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Just because you have a rear-drive car, even one without traction control or whatever else, doesn't mean you can't drive in the winter.

There's Maserati snow-drifting their top-rung Bora back when it was new. I presume this was for a press photo to show the car's all-weather capability, or possibly to laugh in the future face of anyone claiming a Gallardo was the first year-round midengine exotic.

What's the craziest car you've daily'd in the winter?

Photo Credit: Maserati

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Luc - The Acadian Oppo

Dodge Challenger SRT8 Manual. I daily drove this for 3 years in the harsh -40 deg Alberta winters. I was on 275/40R40 Michelin Alpin winter tires.