What's The Coolest Thing About Your Car?

I want to know more about all your favorite goods.

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Is your car a Ferrari 312?
Is your car a Ferrari 312?
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Is it human nature to want to talk trash about everything in sight? It seems like it, at least in this era of consistent nihilism. But I want to turn the tables. I want to know what you think is the coolest thing about your car.

This doesn’t have to be some big, impressive feat. You don’t need to have done some crazy engine swap for this feature to count. I’ll take anything that makes you happy every time you climb into your car.

When I think of my Mazda 2, my favorite thing about that small beast is the fact that it came out a year before infotainment screens were included on just about every trim of every car. Some people really love poking around in their apps via car touchscreen, and I can’t fault them for it. I do enjoy that feature on the press cars I’ve driven. But when it comes to my own daily driver, I like the simplicity of an analog dashboard.


And when I think of the Suburban, well — that thing is a beast. I love the fact that it’s unwieldy and ridiculous. I love that you have to haul the third row of seats out with nothing but brute strength, and I love the fact that you could straight up live out of the back of it if worse came to worst. There’s more space in the back of this thing than a $1,400-a-month apartment in New York City.

Now, I turn the question over to you fine readers of Jalopnik dot com. What do you love about your car? What makes you happy every time you get behind the wheel? What’s that one feature you love flexing on your friends with, even if it’s something as simple as your remote start? I want to know.