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There was a time when you could pick up almost any muscle car (save the rarer-than-a-non-blond-female-anchor-on-Fox-News models) for five grand. These days, not so much. What's the coolest classic car you can buy for less than $5,000?


Today, on Craigslist, you can get a 1966 Mercedes 250S — the car that kicked off the end of the American luxury-car domination era — for $3,800. Sure, we're not talking ultra-mint condition, and yes, it needs a battery and points — and likely a few other parts. But it runs (probably), it's a classic, it's got style and history and it costs less than a new ride-on mower. How can you possibly say no? (Thanks to Brad for the QOTD. Photo: Ron Brickman)

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