What's the coolest ambulance of all time?

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They've transformed from converted bread trucks to luxurious Cadillac station wagons to utilitarian box vans. But you don't care, as long as they get there quickly. But some ambulances transcend emergencies. What's the coolest ambulance of all time?


We have to go with Brock Yates' and Hal Needham's TransCon Medivac (portrayed above in the movie Cannonball Run), built to get from coast to coast stealthily in the 1979 running of the real Cannonball. It was the original whambulance!, with a 440ci V8 and a giant, 850cfm carburator. No word on horsepower, but it indeed fooled the New Jersey highway patrol.

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Just to prove you could make damn near anything into an ambulance: The Edsel by Memphian. Two known to exist; here's one: