The fast pace of television and film production often requires shortcuts, like using stock footage of different cars to fake an accident. Thanks to YouTube, these crappy bits of history are now searchable. What's the cheesiest fake car explosion?

Oh CHiPs, how I loved thee as a kid. What you lacked in intriguing plot development or production values you more than made up for in outrageously implausible accidents and chest hair. There are numerous CHiPs moments on YouTube, but this one might be our favorite. The background to this clip is the driver's a woman, and therefore at fault for being a bad driver. This doesn't explain why everyone else accelerates into the accident, or why there's a ramp visible in one of the car launches. There's no hint as to why the station wagon driver was carrying gasoline in lidless jars in the trunk.


In the end, it's determined there was a mirror in a truck somewhere and it distracted another driver and not, as you might expect, the young lady officers fault.

Get thee to YouTube!

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