What's The Cheapest E30 BMW M3 Out There?

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Why yes, I have spent hours each day ogling that giant gallery of BMW M3s we posted earlier this week. Don’t judge me. But it’s also got me wondering this: just how cheaply could one pick up an E30 M3 if they wanted?


As we close out a week with our Nice Price or Crack Pipe man Graverobber on vacation—I’m not sure what happened, I got a fax from North Korean government officials mentioning something about a ransom demand and a Nissan Pulsar Sportbak—we’ll have to find our own way to have some used car fun.

The E30 M3 isn’t quite at the insane pricing levels of old air-cooled 911s, but it’s close. Very close. In the same realm, for sure. But there are still some cheap ones out there. What’s the cheapest one we can find on Craigslist, AutoTrader or some other sale site?


The cheapest one I could find on Cars.com was this yellow (a repaint) 1989 example at $37,000. But it’s pretty nice, hardly some beater car. Surely there is a far less expensive example out there for someone willing to put in the work.

Can you find a cheap E30 M3?

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Demon-Xanth knows how to operate a street.

I don’t know about E30s, but this one deserves it’s own NPOCP:


I have for sale the cleanest e46 m3 on the roads of VA. A 2002 BMW with only 19000 miles on a completely build engine. That’s right! Completely build. This m3 features 9.5:1 cup Pistons, racing rods, duel spring valves, racing retainers, shrick supercharger camshafts and much more! It is also topped of with a Vf engineering supercharger kit capable of over 600whp!
Right now it is tuned for the street at 6 lbs of boost and 404whp. With a smaller pulley you can obtain the full potential of this beast.
This car has extremely tasteful mods such as carbon fiber hood painted, cls trunk and carbon diffuser.
The entire interior trim has been replaced with carbon fiber trim and to top it off it has a mint condition cinnamon interior with fresh outer convertible roof.

Wheels are work rezax 19x9 and 19x10 with new tires.

This car is in mint condition and turns every head it passes! I’m asking $25,000. Do not low ball me. This is a car with well over 60,000 invested into it. Runs beautifully.

THIS IS THE ONLY 6 speed manual transmission e46 of its kind out here. 25,000 firm. Don’t even come by if you don’t have cash or bankers check in hand.