What's The Biggest Ship In The World?

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A lot of you will say, right off the bat, that this is an easy question. The title holder is the Seawise Giant, AKA Happy Giant, AKA Jahre Viking, AKA Knock Nevis, AKA Oppama, AKA Mont. But you’d be wrong, mostly because it doesn’t exist anymore, as it’s been broken up.


Even then, it depends on what you count as the “biggest ship,” as though it was the longest, it wasn’t the heaviest ship. But we’ll leave what you count as the biggest ship currently afloat up to you. And there are all sorts of different kinds of contenders for “biggest ship.” There are oil tankers, bulk carriers, container ships, passenger ships, aircraft carriers, all sorts of ships, really.

What do you think is the biggest ship afloat in the world right now? Let us know in the comments below!

Photo credit: Kolin Toney

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