It's not like we're starving for cars to buy, yet, for certain particular tastes and niches, finding the vehicle you want can prove far trickier than you'd expect. The car market — I'm thinking about the US market, but feel free to imagine whatever you want — has a few big, gaping holes. So what do you think the biggest hole is? Mind out of the gutter, also.

Personally, I think the yawningest chasm of emptiness in the US car market is the compact pickup truck sector. Because there are, let's do some math here — carry the two, and — zero available for sale today. That's ridiculous. I want a small — genuinely small — truck, and so far the best hope we have is a concept car from Hyundai that I'm not even sure will ever get made.

So what about you? What do you think the biggest holes in the market are?