The final days of the year always get us thinking about the year-that-was. Let's get you in on that action as well โ€” what was the biggest car story of the year?

We're not talking about the stories you read here. We know what stories were popular on Jalopnik โ€” we've got a little counter on the right-hand side of our posts to tell us that. So that's not what we're asking for. No, we want to know what you think the biggest stories in the entire automotive universe were. When we look back at 2008, what will it be remembered as?

Our thoughts? It may be the most depressing automotive story in the history of the internal combustion engine, but we think the Carpocalypse is far and away the biggest story. Every aspect of motoring life, from new cars to old racing programs, are being changed by the far-reaching implications of the Carpocalypse. It's inescapable.

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Photo KAZUHIRO NOGI/AFP/Getty Images