What's The Biggest Car-Related Movie Blunder?

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Those hipsters out in Hollywood aren’t all car nuts, so they tend to get their car knowledge all screwed up every now and again. Last week, I was watching a flick on the ol’ internet and saw that, in the middle of a scene, the car the main character was driving changed completely.

The main character entered a Jeep Grand Cherokee WK (build from 2005 to 2010). Then, when the guy rounds a corner, he’s sitting inside in a brand new 2011 and up Grand Cherokee WK2. Come on you guys! They’re completely different cars!

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Today’s QOTD topic came from Craig Fenne, who told us a story about his horrifying experience watching a John Stamos show:

I was watching “Grandfathered” with John Stamos last week. He and his ex were driving through the desert in a Nissan Leaf and he was hot so he started messing with the air conditioner. His ex, who was driving, said “ don’t do that, you’ll mess it up and the car will overheat”. Moments later, the car broke down and overheated. They then had to walk to find some water for coolant. Coolant for their ELECTRIC CAR! I think they even showed steam coming out from the hood!

Makes me think a good question of the day would be “What’s the most egregious example of a TV show or movie getting their car knowledge wrong...”


Now, I’m not sure how the cooling system works on the Nissan leaf. I think the batteries are air cooled and the motor and power inverter are liquid cooled, but I wouldn’t be surprised if this scene involved a standard-size radiator and huge plumes of smoke from the hood. You know, to add to the effect.

So our question of the day: What are the worst car-related errors you’ve scene (pun) in a movie or show?