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It’s cold outside. So it’s time to put away the P Zero Neros and get practical. But can safety be combined with fun on roads covered in slush? What’s the best winter driving car?


Gizmodo’s Brian Lam and I have been having this argument for months. He’s convinced AWD is the only possible option when it comes to snow driving, but I think he’s just trying to justify the purchase of yet another boring Audi. A couple of years ago I drove a C6 Corvette across the frozen Baltic Sea and a couple of weeks back I drove a Lotus Exige S 240 across a snow-bound Manhattan. You know what? Both cars were fine. Rear wheel drive and decent weight distribution led to predictable slides and big goofy smiles. If I had to pick a winter car, I think it’d be that C6 ‘Vette, equipped with winter tires of course. But maybe Brian’s right, maybe most drivers are better off in an A4. What say you?

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