What's The Best Way To Spend $240,000 On Cars?

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We just heard how Robert Maduri got snubbed by a Ferrari dealer and is looking at a McLaren MP4-12C instead. Is that the best way he can spend his money?


Using a strict budget of $230,000-$240,000 (roughly the MSRP of a Ferrari 458 or MP4-12c), you can get a McLaren, or you can spread that money out over multiple cars. We think we can come up with a package of cars that's not only more fun than one new Macca, but better value too.

There are two rules. First, the end result must leave Mr. Maduri with at least one thing that's reasonably reliable and respectable for his social standing. Second, you may not stray above or below the $230-$240K budget by any more than $5,000.

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Patrick Frawley

Funny thing is that it seems easier to figure out what I'd do with a tenth of this. (Alfa GTV, an old Jeep, and a new motorcycle, thank you.) A quarter of a million? That's a bit more serious.

The collector car market is having one of its occasional upturns in response to a lousy global investment situation, so a lot of the previously-conceivable choices (911 Carrera RSs, 330 GTCs) are rapidly slipping beyond this threshold.

Okay. Actually: Top pick? I might have to go light on the options, but a Singer 911 is definitely doable for this price range. That would be a most satisfactory solution.