What's The Best Way To Sleep In An Airport?

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I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but fall is already upon us which means winter will be here any day now, pelting airport hubs around the world with blankets of snow and delaying flights for such an egregiously long time that you start wondering if it would just be easier to walk to your destination... or just try to knock out and take a nap. Which can be equally as fucking awful.


It’s time to swap tips, people. If you travel enough, you’ve probably either already had to set up camp for an all-nighter at the airport, or you’re about due to experience it one of these days. How do you get cozy enough to snooze surrounded by other frustrated, wayward souls?

Ideally, there will be a lone trio of seats somewhere without any armrests between them where I can lay down, but when worst comes to worst, I am not opposed to sleeping on the floor of the cleanest looking place around.

This is when strategic packing comes into play. I always bring a throw blanket with me now because life is infinitely more comfortable with a blanket. Need something to pad an uncomfortable chair? Blanket. Plane is too cold? Blanket. Forgot your neck pillow? Blanket. Didn’t think to buy a sleep mask? Blanket. Need a place to sleep? Lay down that blanket. If worst comes to worst and I need to nap on a grimy floor, I can always wash the blanket.

I also make sure my carry-ons are arranged in such a way as to be most comfortable as a pillow while also being attached to my body. I always slip my arms through my backpack straps and use it as a pillow so I’ll wake up if anyone so much as thinks of touching it. And this is going to sound ridiculous, but if I have a bag to shove in the overhead bin, I’ll straight up tie that shit to a belt loop.

But there has to be other things I just haven’t thought of yet. Share your sleeping secrets—I have a feeling I’m gonna need to know.

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