Sometimes it just happens, and despite all your best efforts you get stuck with a dull, anonymous car. You can either just accept it and slowly die of ennui poisoning, or you can do something about it. Since I know you all are doers and not die-ers, what's the best thing to do?

There's plenty of routes you could go down — the art car route, the crazy themed car route, or even open yourself up to the incredible freedom having a car you just don't give a shit about gives you. Without the worry, you may take it off-road or on track or just gleefully play pinball with shopping carts in an empty supermarket lot. A boring car could mean freedom.

So, accepting that you have some practical concerns (don't live in an area where you can just cut the roof off, has to get your ass to work, can't kill anyone) what do you do to that boring car? Let's hear some ideas!