What's The Best Vehicle To Live In?

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In the spirit of summer, your Jalopnik staff has been on a big RV kick lately. We took a partymobile RV up to Watkins Glen last month, we're haulin' ass to the Mudsummer Classic in another one, and Jason is moving across the country in a glorious 1977 Dodge RV. You can't stop Jalopnik because Jalopnik is mobile, haters!

RVs are great because you can live inside them. Granted, you can live in any vehicle, but it's easier to do that in an RV than it is in your Messerschmitt or Isetta or whatever. But they don't have an exclusive purview on liveability. (Is that a word? It is now.)


That's our question of the day: What's the best vehicle to live in? Notice I said "vehicle," not just "car", so go nuts.

Last year I wanted to buy an E46 BMW 3-Series wagon because it's practical and because I could live in it if my marriage went south. But CarBuying's Tom McParland reminded me I'd be better off with a Subaru Legacy wagon because with the seats down it's almost a full size bed. I'll go with that as my answer.


Your turn, what vehicle is best for residing in while you explore the country or figure out how to make your alimony payments?