What's The Best Toy For Turning Your Kid Into A Gearhead?

You have to set a good example for your kids or else they’ll grow up and become hooligans, miscreants, sexters, jamokes, weirdos, or Deadspin readers. And nobody wants that to happen to their precious little miracles.

If you want your child to be into wrenching, drifting, the #stancenation and other things that are important in life, you have to start them early. And that means the right toys, because as I understand it, children love toys.


So in the spirit of the upcoming commerce season, what are the ideal toys for a budding gearhead?

Me, I had a Playmobil race car set when I was a kid and it was cool as hell. Came with a pit and a garage and little mechanics and everything. Like every little boy, I’d spend hours re-enacting the most exciting moments from Le Mans, and then having the drivers give canned, non-answers at the pretend press conferences after.

Good times. What do you buy your little speed freak?

Photo credit Porsche

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