What's The Best Summer Road Trip Vehicle?

The sun is out! The birds are singing! Your vinyl interior is burning itself into your thighs! Yes, summer is practically here and it's time to go on some road trips. What car do you take, though?

I, myself, just wrapped up a 500 miles in two days trip in my '73 Baja Bug and I can say authoritatively that it is not an ideal road trip car. The radio doesn't work, there's no A/C, and there's no defroster, so when it started raining I had to leave the windows all the way open. On top of that, there's no cruise control so your right leg gets tired and there's no dead pedal so your left leg gets tired.


The mileage isn't great (around 20 mpg), the engine doesn't like big hills or mountain grades, the whole car is booming at 4,000 RPM at 80 miles an hour, and there's no light for reading a map in the dark.

So really, anything other than my Bug would be my choice of a car for a long road trip. What would be yours?

Photo Credit: Raphael Orlove

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