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What's The Best Summer Road Trip Destination?

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We like to say that in any road trip, the journey is just as important, if not moreso, than the destination. Winding roads and great scenery can stop anyone from falling asleep on long stretches, that's true. But if those roads just lead to a waste dump, then what's the point?


For the Independence Day holiday I went up to Boston. Boston's a great town. The city oozes history from every pore, whether it's the USS Constitution (the oldest warship still in commission and still afloat) or Fenway Park. Museums abound, from the fascinating MIT Museum to the whimsical Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum, and when you get thirsty you can head down to one of the billions of Irish pubs.

But a great location does not a great road trip destination make. Washington, DC, is a neat city to visit. The problem is that no matter which direction you're coming from, you're pretty much limited to long stresses of infinitely boring Interstate, filled with nothing but big rigs, warehouses, and the occasional outlet mall. When driving to Boston, though, you can avoid the Interstates altogether if you want and just head down twisty New England lanes, with stops at Lime Rock and Mystic Seaport along the way for all your Jalop-worthy pitstops.


You've already got your ultimate summer road trip vehicle, why not suggest a place to drive to?

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Is this US only? If not, may I suggest a place in Slovenia, Europe. Basically, it's a region around the alpine river Soča (Soca if the letter turns out weird for you), and it's more than amazing both for the way to get there, and the destination itself. No major highways go very close to the region, so you are going to use local motorways, which are great because of the scenery and the road quality. If you can picture a regular alpine road, with lush forests, great vistas, countless corners and then some more corners, that's it. There is not a moment of boring drive, and you will either stop every few kilometers, to admire this and that, or you'll return to check on the points of interest later on.

The river itself is gorgeous, and the colour on photo is very close to the real deal, but to really be able to admire it, you must get up close and personal. It's a paradise for all sorts of sports, with mountain cycling and anything involving white waters (term?) taking the prime spot. Mountains and valleys were also place of some of the biggest battles in WWI, and there are lots of remains of that conflict, museums, fortifications, trenches.

I am aware this sounds like a tourist brochure, but you asked. And really, place is just amazing, so much that you keep coming back to it. As a Croat, I know I should be "advertising" Croatia and Adriatic coast, but it's too crowded for my taste this time of year, as you can imagine. Escape to Slovenia and Alps is perfect alternative. Bonus, fantastic roads!