What's the best slow car to drive fast?

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You've heard the axiom: "It's better to drive a slow car fast than a fast car slow." Yes, but which slow car? Brush up on your fun-to-drive sloths. What's the best slow car to drive fast?


The slow-car-fast principle works best with a car that whose driving dynamics belie its relative slothfulness. The Suzuki SX4's just-above-8-seconds time from zero to 60 mph (which, in historical context, would have challenged an entry muscle car in the '60s), places it squarely on the slow team, but great steering, perky acceleration and nicely bolstered stock seating make the aging SX4 our pick for a slow burn through the nearest serpentine stretch of pavement (or even semi-pavement). (Thanks to Cody for today's QOTD)

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Jonathan Harper

As much as despise the looks of this herp derp, it's quite tossable.

Had one as a rental in St. Maarten last xmas, and it was duper fun on the curvy hilly island roads. I even got it sideways on a downhill decreasing radius, when I stomped the brake as I realized the radius was decreasing.